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About the game

Beyond Humanity: Astrominers is a board game in which players manage competing teams of space miners extracting minerals from the asteroid belt. The challenge is to plan various missions to extract minerals and to choose the right crew composition on the mining barges. Collecting resources allows players to fulfill corporate orders, and the union awards await for the most efficient.

According to the current scientific knowledge of potential space mining missions, players extract seven resources: Water, Xenon, Plasteel, Tungsten, Nickel, Palladium, and Gold, on three different types of asteroids: S-Type, C-Type, and M-Type.

Join the exciting race for asteroid belt resources in the age of space conquest!

In a box
The game uses a collection of custom six-sided dice (7 for each player, in color sets) with icons representing four types of workers: miners, automatons, geologists and inspectors. The Mission deck consists of 48 asteroid mining expeditions such as "Regolith Extraction", "Duct Vaporization" and "MAG Accelerator Drilling". Players draw Mission cards to their hand and then carry out Missions by placing the Mission card on the Mining Barge in the Dock and gradually filling its fields with worker dice. The Orders deck consists of another 48 various cards which are the primary source of Victory Points. Order cards are first drawn to the player hand by placing a die with a geologist icon on the Refinery field, and then redeemed at the end of the round by paying the cost indicated on it to receive the Victory Points marked on the card. In addition, the game features a resource exchange and Awards set collection that provides additional Victory Points for the best players. The entire game mechanics scales with the number of players.
Where can I get it?

Currently it is prepared in the Polish version only and the Polish crowdfunding campaign will start in March 2021 on the 'Wspieram.to' platform. Game is scheduled to be delivered at the end of the current 2021 year, also only in Poland.

If the game is successful and, above all, the players like it - the Three Headed Monster team will consider launching an international campaign on the Kickstarter platform in the future.

Terms of use
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