Earth. The planet is now completely overcrowded, polluted, unable to feed its population of staggering 11 billion people. Wars have almost become a thing of the past due to the appointment of World government and emergence of the Terran Republic. Earth sustainability and further degeneration of the environment did not bode well for humanity. After establishing self-supporting colonies on Mars, the Moon, Io and Titan, humanity was given a sorely needed glimmer of hope. But soon it became apparent that Solar System colonies would provide relief to only to a fraction of the overall population.

Then a scientific breakthrough opened the way to distant stars, almost as if there was something watching over Humans. A new generation of ion engines gave the Terran Republic a second chance.

Will Humanity succeed in conquering remote planets? Will we change the solar system, or will it change us?

Beyond Humanity: Colonies is an innovative board game. Players take the roles of the colony’s top-level managers with different specializations: inventor, military ensign, explorer and more. Beginning anew in a chosen star system, with only the ARC headquarters and scarce resources, the players are trying to maintain fragile social order on a distant planet. By building new modules such as solar power plants, hydroponic farms, and residential domes, humanity will expand their new home.

Will the quest for personal power allow the colony to grow? Or will the Managers quell freedom and happiness, causing the emerging society to fall into disarray?

Will the Colony gain its much-needed independence from the Terran Republic?

The managers, pushing to greater bigger control over the Colony, are playing dirty: using political style campaigns to gain followers, hacking democracy with political decrees, fighting each other in the constant race for the Greater Good: Colony Independence. Only one will become the president of the first sovereign city on the extraterrestrial planet.

You’ll have nine different Top Level Managers to choose from. Each one is different, bringing their past experiences and will pursue their own personal goals. Below you’ll find each of them sharing their approach.

Let’s let them speak for themselves!

Athena Gore, Major
I’ve spent all my life in military academies. I’ve done the job as a grunt in a sweaty exosuit. I’ve fought rebels during the Second Martian Uprising. And most recently, after an accident I’ve been demoted and discharged from the republican army. The Ventura Corporation gave me new life, a new purpose… so I left Sol to build something new. This is simple. We won’t be independent without a strong military force. We need firepower to show that we aren’t an easy target. Only Colonial Marines will provide the display of force we need. And I’m here to provide effects, not empty promises.

Vlad Pokorny, Visionary
I hate Sol. It is so full of aggression, overcrowded, with polluted air and soil. Nobody is willing to say out loud what we already know. We have lost Earth. I’m here to make humanity great again. I’ll do everything I can to save humankind. This hostile planet will bend according to my will and it will become new home for all of us, united. There will be parks, tasty natural food, medical support, and places for young people. A place full of happy citizens, dreaming about a better tomorrow, building it together. There will be room for everyone! Refugees from Mother Earth - you are welcomed!

Giselle Carter, Explorer
I’ve spent most of my life in Long Range Recon missions, onboard small science vessels, in dirty malfunctioning ATV’s, and walking through dusty excavation sites. I’ve seen the birth of new outposts as well as darkest corridors of never seen before caves. And I found nothing… Nobody said that would be so many things to explore on this planet! I just cannot believe how beautiful the sunset looks here, much different than on Io or Titan! Can’t wait to find our what is hidden behind, beneath, and below! I’m curious as to what I can find here…

Boris Artyomov, Inventor
If you gonna ask me if Archangelsky was my next of kin… No! I’m building my own legacy! Corrupted republican government said that my research on strong AI is… well, they said that I’m breaking rules of the ASAI directive. So, I took my quantum computer with me to see how it can help on outer worlds. Corporations are strict when close to Earth, but open-minded when extremely separated from mentally inept republic officials. Now I can focus on my studies and be helpful in the Federation. And here nobody has said that my quantum computer is too intelligent.