Max Salamonowicz started as a coder, now a successful leader of a cinema robotics company. He also had several serious success stories with hardware Kickstarters - no broken promises, delivery very nearly matching the deadline ;)

Pawel Suski spent more than a decade honing his 3D and 2D design skills. His wide knowledge about playable tabletop game mechanics is definitely gives us an edge.

Lukasz Tomczyk is our harsh engineer. He makes things happen - from CAD/CAM design to production organization. His skill are legendary so we expect miracles as a typical outcome of his work.

Artur Kurasinski is widely known in Poland as a technology and marketing guru. Influencing and leading people towards building a successful company is his specialty - he gets things done!

Casey McBeath is running USA based Three Headed Monster operations. He’s a skilled storyteller and filmmaker. His easygoing attitude and communication skills are extremely important in riot control.

Together with a strong team of more than 10 professional nerds we work to achieve...

The Mission

Our Mission is to create an enhanced reality game. An intelligent board game, reacting with the virtual environment, which allows players to shape the world and interact not only with players in the same room but also with the whole community. An innovative product never seen before. A tabletop game giving the creators an opportunity to bring new and refreshing content instantly to all the players engaged with Beyond Humanity.